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Started building the Jetranger for a reason:

  • Existing amphibious vehicles too expensive.
  • If you can find one, 90% chance it is in poor condition.
  • Almost every existing model comes with a thirsty petrol engine.

After years of thinking, sketching, calculating and looking at other models, started building the Jetranger based on a 1971 Range Rover.

Started with a lowered stainless steel sub-chassis, welded to the standard RR chassis.
Engine is a new LR300 TDI, moved 30 cm backwards, R380 gearbox with PTO.
Propulsion is a Dowty jet with 5000 N thrust.

Made special seal for axles and propshaft, std gearbox-seal is not the water-retainer.
The new body-panels are made of 4 and 6 mm seawater-resistant aluminium, anodized and powdercoated.

My motto: don’t make it more difficult as necessary, simplicity is best to create.

Anything you want we can make.

Theus Derkx

Stainless steel reinforcement and jet-housing

Light-green is Dowty-jet, with propshafts to gearbox and stainless steel exhaust

Stainless steel subframe

New aluminium body-panels

Jet testing and looking for leaks

2004 Beulaker Weide

2006 Lago Maggiore-I

2007 Maas Ravenstein

2008 Neckar – Heidelberg-D. Watch the splash-board.

2009 Windemere-UK

2009 Ullswater-UK

2009 Coniston-UK


2010 Loire F


2011 Lac de Neuchâtel Ch


2012 Bandak N


2012 Gieten


2013 Garda I


2013 Sirmione I


2014 Moesel D


If money is no option, we can even put wings and a jet engine on